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Logan cleared off his home office desk. He set everything in a laundry hamper he borrowed from his cleaning lady — he learned laundry was not his thing early in his bachelorhood.

Ally came down when the desk scraping the floor shook the house. Her stuff had arrived earlier in the day and she had to deal with putting her stuff in his basement, along with deciding what not to store downstairs. Mainly moving clothes to his room, which had her on edge.

More on edge, she’d been tense since their first night and he wasn’t sure why, other than…

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Micro Monday, Flash Fiction

I found you cooking in knee-high leggings and an oversize T-shirt. I couldn’t tell if you even wore underwear. And I knew you dressed to tease me.

I came behind you, pressing my face into your back, my teeth grabbed your shoulder blade. Being a couple inches shorter that’s all I could reach.

“Hands on the counter.” Even though I was smaller, you liked it when I took control, order you around.

You put your hands on the counter and threw a smile over your shoulder. “Hello to you too.”

I stepped back and pulled up the shirt. No underwear…

These are my links from last week. On Friday, I got an unexpected call for a job that started Monday and I was in such shock it took me a week to recover. With everything going on, writing and the blog and sharing and reading got pushed to the back. With my first week done I am planning my new schedule and trying to figure out how much I can get done. But here are your sexy shares.

Every week I share the hottest reads (and sometimes some non fiction and occasionally a sexy picture) I came across for the…

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Short Erotic Story

Anna slammed the door shut on her room and threw herself onto the silk linens that covered her bed. She wasn’t fit to be a queen to a husband who was obsessed with war, leaving her home to make decisions.

Clutching a pillow, she sobbed, feeling the weight of her duties ease slightly. Someone banged on the door, and she knew only one person dared follow her after her fit in the throne room. “Go away,” she moaned. She meant to shout, but her voice cracked and she dropped her head as the door creaked open.

“Should have locked me…

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Every culture, religion, society has a creation myth. We could consider even the big bang theory a myth. Perhaps the big bang was the first orgasm. The profile fits. Bang, orgasm, creation.

What kept creation myths don’t have is sex. Surprising given that sex is how we as humans need it to create life. And every story humans were created in the image of the gods and goddesses. Some myths have sex as part of their stories, Zeus was particularly liberal with his loins, but never in a way that has to do with births of the world and the…

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Tammy tapped on the beige door. Her tool bag twisted in her hand. There was no way out of this pain in the ass.

“Service call. Maintenance.” She knocked louder with a sigh.

“It’s open,” came a reply from within.

She opened the door and stepped inside the apartment of the most beautiful man in the world. He hated her, and the feeling was entirely mutual after months of bullshit. But the maintenance job at Avery Towers paid better than anything else..

“Mr. Von Clarke, what’s the problem?”

Every week something was less than perfect in his place, and despite…

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